Photography Education

Let me help you become more successful in your photography from beginner to advanced. I am available to help you with equipment and software selection, color calibration and profiling, creating a workflow so that you can get the most out of your existing digital system. I am willing to work one on one with you to fine tune your photography to attain the highest level of efficiency and image quality. I will design the class for you or a group of your making.

Consider taking my class if you need to:

  • Learn about how your camera works.

  • Learn Photoshop, Elements, or Lightroom.

  • Learn about equipment you want to purchase.

  • Learn High Dynamic Range Photography (HDR).

  • Take class at a time convenient to your own schedule.

  • Want to learn new pieces of software to improve your images.

  • Learn monitor Color Calibration.

  • Learn about printer profiles and how to use them.

  • Take photos at your work place.

  • Improve your photos.

  • Expand your horizons.

I can do the classes at your home or at my studio. There are usually 1-2 hours per session and I will tailor the class to your needs and schedule. The cost of the sessions is $60 / hour or we have a Special rate of $100 for a 2 hour session (travel to your home or special location for an extra fee).

 What to bring to your class:

  • Camera with instruction Manual.

  • Laptop computer with software installed.

  • Memory cards and batteries.

  • Other equipment you want to learn how to use.

 If you are having any problems you think I can help you with, call or e-mail me at 262 628-1255 or

Jeffrey R. Klug