Modo-Pan by Cinevate

I have a new toy, or should I say a new tool. It is the Modo-Pan from Cinevate. It is a small item that attaches to your tripod and then your camera sits on top of it. It does a 360 degree pan in one hour. It is a clockwork movement, that requires no cables or batteries, you just wind it up and it slowly turns your camera.


You use it to make your time-lapse images a little more interesting. It gives movement to your time-lapse images. So no more stationary time-lapses. I have played with it, but I am waiting for nicer weather before I will show any time-lapse videos. I plan to give it a good workout when I go to the Smoky Mountains next.


To use it all you need to do is set your camera for time-lapse photography, then wind up the mechanism, start your time-lapse. I found that doing a 2 or 3 sec time-lapse, for 30 minutes, gives a nice smooth motion to the video. Watch for videos from me in the near future. It will be my new goal this year to create interesting time-lapse videos.


The Modo-Pan cost $149.95 and is on Special currently for $129.95. You can find more information at: