Embedding Your Contact and Copyright On Your Photo

Embedding your contact and copyright on your photo, is a way to protect give a person who wants to use your image a way to contact you and to know that your image is copyrighted. Having your contact info embedded into the image is pretty easy.

In Photoshop, you go under File to File Info. That brings up a dialogue box where you can enter your contact and copyright information. If you use Bridge and Photoshop, go under Tools > Append Metadata, and if you have created a template add that info to the image. This goes quicker than Photoshop since you don’t have to manually enter all the info once you have created the template.

In Lightroom, you can add your info on Import in the add to metadata section, again using a template that you created ahead of time. Otherwise at the top of the Metadata panel there is a place called preset, where if you have created a template, set it to the template and it will automatically add the info for you, on one or all of your images.

There are other items in the metadata section that are good to use, one of them is adding a title to your your image, that way when someone contacts you to use your image they have a title to tell you. There are also other programs that can use the information in the metadata file. Lightroom can use the title, creator or other sections to place that info when you use the slideshow or print module, this can be nice if you are making a show and want the title of the image showing up in the show. This is just one example, of uses of metadata.

So please enter your contact info and copyright info on all of your images. It might be that one day your image could make you famous and it would be great if others know who you are.